DSL Internet

DSL Service Providers

DSL, also known as “Digital subscriber line” is a branch of technology that provides an internet connection by the use of transmission over local telephone lines. Formerly known as “Digital subscriber loop” the term DSL means that it is an asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL, the most commonly used DSL technology.

This connection is digital so even though you are online, you can still use your phone without being disconnected. Given that your home is near a telephone company that offers DSL service, you are able to receive data up to 15 megabits per second enabling a continuous connection by DSL internet. DSL availability is offered by your local telephone company in your local towns or cities and is otherwise known as DSL internet service providers. Here are the common services provided by different ISPs: AT&T DSL internet, Verizon DSL Service, EarthLink DSL, and so on.

Different types of DSL internet

There are many types of DSL used all over the world and are as follows:

ADSL (Asymmetrical digital subscriber line) – the most familiar type of DSL used by homes and businesses. Because of its two-way bandwidth which is dedicated to the downstream direction of transmitting data to the consumer. Only a fraction of bandwidth is given for upstream or user-interaction messages.

CDSL (Consumer DSL) – It’s a type of DSL that came from the Rockwell Corp. It is a bit slower compared to ADSL. Unfortunately it is no longer updated and it seems not to be presently marketed.

DSL lite or G.lite – a slower type of ADSL that doesn’t need splitting the line of the user end but can still be able to split it in order for the person or subscriber remotely at the location of telephone company.

HDSL (High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) – one of the earliest forms of DSL that is created for wideband digital transmission within business site. Moreover, it is also possible between the phone company as well as a client. What identifies HDSL is it being symmetrical, which means that it can hold the same bandwidth amount on both directions.

RADSL (Rate adaptive DSL) – Is another type of ADSL technology wherein the software may tell the rate of the signals can be sent to a given client’s phone line and moderate the delivery rate properly.

Broadband and DSL

DSL internet goes hand-in hand with Broadband internet but not all broadband is DSL. Broadband is a type of telecommunication system that utilizes multiple media data channels to send large volumes of information. Combining DSL with Broadband can potentially increase the speed of your internet connection and internet downloads. Applying for a DSL service is one of the most efficient methods to heighten the speed of your internet.

Cheap DSL internet

DSL internet’s speed can help you save on money as well as time. However, you must not expect that each download occurs in the fastest time possible. Many DSL providers declare speeds at 6 Mbps but cheaper ones have lower Mbps as well. There are a lot of factors that can affect your internet such as the speed of DSL providers by zip code and download speed.

Most of the download sites lower their download speeds at 10 Kbps. If you constantly download files, it would be wise to get a download manager to get the best out of the bandwidth you have. Internet speeds from different service providers also differ depending on the package you subscribed to. If you chose a cheaper internet bundle, then do not expect to get fast internet speed in your computer.