Residents in hard to reach broadband areas face double whammy

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Michael

There are many people who live in rural parts of the United States who are still unable to access reliable broadband services – but these are the people that probably need it the most.


Problems with broadband availability and access in rural parts of the United States have existed for years, but with more and more services and resources becoming available online, the issue that faces people living in rural areas has been highlighted even more.

In many rural parts of America, residents are unable to access reliable broadband services because they are considered as living in hard to reach areas. It is these residents who face a double whammy because they not only suffer the inconvenience of being unable to access decent broadband services but they are also amongst the people who probably need it most.

Living in a rural area means that getting to local facilities and amenities can be more difficult, particularly when weather conditions are bad or for those who do not have any form of transport. Having access to reliable broadband would ease the strain somewhat for those in these areas. However, with many unable to get access to broadband, they do not have the security of being able to access valuable services online.

An official from the Blandin Foundation stated: “Abundant and robust access to the Internet and the digital literacy skills necessary to take full advantage of this access are essential as communities seek to compete and thrive in a digitally connected world.”