VoIP – The New Means of Communication Today

There are many new advances in technology and one of these changes is the Voice over Internet Protocol or more commonly known as VoIP. It associates itself to the methodologies, communication protocols and techniques of transmission that is part of the communication of voice messages as well as multimedia sessions over networks in the internet or other groups of Internet protocol. In layman’s terms, it is the communications services such as voice calls and fax that is transported over the internet and back.

VoIP services for business and residential

In the US, there are now many companies that are now VoIP service providers. These services are offered to enterprises for better and faster communication line for general meetings and conventions between different branches even worldwide. VoIP service providers allow companies to use the internet phone service wherein the internet is used to call instead of a local telephone line.  One of the VoIP phone providers is the Cisco Company that offers Cisco IP Phones for large corporations and businesses who have connections and transactions worldwide.

One other popular VoIP service provider is Microsoft’s Skype. Skype allows voice and video communication with the use of only the internet and makes people connect even when they are miles apart. The paid services of Skype then allow a person to call a mobile phone of landline telephone number with just using the internet at a minimal cost much like a VoIP phone. This service can be used as business VoIP, allowing businesses to connect anywhere.

One other famous VoIP service is the Magic Jack. Magic jack is a very cheap way to have a voice over IP service in a residential location or setting. A subscriber has to pay a small amount and get a year of VoIP phone service for free. All you have to do is plug your magic jack to your telephone and the other to end of magic jack to the computer and you can already call anyone around the world using the internet.

Advantage of VoIP over telephone

Subscribing to a VoIP internet phone service can be very beneficial. VoIP service is cheaper as well as highly convenient. You can bring your VoIP service anyplace and send and receive phone calls virtually anywhere as long as there is internet connection available.

Telephone costs higher than the VoIP service because the calls internationally are in a very low rate compared to telephone rates. Also, long distance telephone calls are slowly a dying breed due to the popularity of mobile phones and the internet. The little glitch about VoIP is that when your internet fails, your phone service fails as well.

The Best VoIP to use

Since there are a lot of VoIP providers in the US, it is not easy to tell which company is the best. But according to some review sites, Phone Power is by far the best. This is determined by their comparing service fee against the services they offer in a bundle. The result showed that they offer a lot of added service plus great customer service with just a small amount compared to other companies.