4G Mobile Broadband

4G Internet

What is 4G? Though much buzz has been going around about 4G especially in the latest mobile and smartphone models, few people actually know what it is. 4G mobile broadband basically refers to the 4th generation of mobile wireless communication.

It exceeds the capabilities of its predecessor, the 3G mobile broadband technology. Since the technology provides mobile ultra-broadband internet access, users are given easy, hassle free internet access for laptops, smartphones, wireless USB modems and other mobile devices. It optimizes uploading and downloading in the most convenient way.

3G vs 4G – Comparing the Difference

4G is six times faster than its successor with a speed of at least a 100 Mbps. 4G users can maximize their use of online multimedia applications, examples of which are, uploading of pictures, downloading of music and streaming of HD videos at fast and reliable speeds. 4G wireless Internet technology has not only revolutionized the way people all over the world access information it basically transformed the way people think, live and socialize with people around the world.

4G Speed – How Fast is 4G

Standard 3G speed can already be quite fast for first time and casual internet users. Typical speed from a 3G mobile broadband device can have a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps with real world speeds ranging 1-2Mbps. On the other hand, 4G mobile broadband speeds can exceed 100 Mbps.

4G Candidate Systems

There are two 4G candidate systems that have been commercially deployed such as 4G WiMax and 4G LTE. Two of America’s leading mobile phone service providers, Sprint and Verizon, have harnessed the 4G mobile broadband technology giving their subscribers more features to enjoy, more 4G coverage in different cities all throughout the country, and more.

4G Coverage

It offers a seamless real time service, quick paging and widespread deployment of information into different 4G networks.  It promises to make unfeasible applications feasible or ubiquitous, examples of which include high definition video streaming and online gaming applications. With 4G technology interacting with your online opponent or chatting with your friends and relatives is convenient and carefree. It makes your business, home and on-line transactions much easier than its successor.

Sprint and Verizon are offering nationwide coverage, making it easier for their subscribers to connect online without any lags in speed connection. With the speed and widespread 4G hotspot made available, subscribers can enjoy face time chatting, game downloads, file uploads, and watching live video streaming without any delays.

4G Network – Introducing Sprint and Verizon

Verizon 4G & Sprint 4G are service technology providers that offer quick and fast connectivity. Sprint 4G offers quick, unlimited web talk and text; as a matter of fact they are considered one of the best in the industry. On the other hand Verizon 4G lte provides higher data rate, better multipath and power performance; latency and simultaneous user support. It also has simplified worldwide roaming services and enhanced security through the application of the universal integrated circuit card.

4G Internet – Connectivity beyond Borders

4G’s performance, coverage and capabilities of 4G Wimax will be incomparable among those that exist in the market. It allows users to do things never before experienced in a digital environment. For a more conducive, efficient, savvy  and user friendly services for your emails, file sharing and data transfer, GPS and internet access; a 4G mobile communications standard is a must. It will not only make access to information easy but convenient too.

With 4G mobile broadband technology connectivity isn’t confined to laptops, desktops, homes or offices.  Searching for mobile hotspots no longer becomes a problem. Anyone, anywhere can simply access information within the touch of their finger tips and the information needed will be theirs within seconds.