Business Internet

Business Internet Connections

Several large and small business companies today rely heavily on the internet as a backbone for communication and advertising. As a result many Internet service providers emerge and even Telecommunications Companies and cable TV companies now offer business internet services to compete in meeting the fast growing demand on home and business internet connections. Most service providers now provide affordable residential high speed internet and business high speed internet.

The difference between home and business broadband

When it comes to Internet connections, a user might think that there is no real difference between home and business internet connection as they are essentially the same service. Although, there have been major differences between home and Internet for business in the past, the demand for faster internet connections at home meant that it was no longer the case. Competition on who can provide fasterInternet connection pushed providers to cross the line of difference between the two connections. However, some business internet features will most likely remain for business internet only.

Business and home Internet connections vary in terms of support and reliability. Business Internet connection receives better support because most businesses rely heavily on the internet for operations. Losing connectivity could mean lost and delayed transactions and information essential to the company. Residential users, usually just receive a basic support offered by the local Internet service provider.

Business Internet Providers

There are now a lot of business internet service providers that offers affordable and reliable business DSL connections. Business internet providers also offers small business internet for shops and small offices that only have 2 or less computers. Here are some of the list of internet service providers and the business broadband they offer.

Comcast Business Internet:

•    Starter package– speed: 12Mbps, 2 E-mail boxes
•    Premium package – Speed: 22Mbps, 8 E-mail boxes.
•    Deluxe package – Speed 50MBps, 15 E-mail boxes.
•    Deluxe 100 – Speed 100Mbps, 20 E-mail boxes.
•    All packages include Internet security for 25 computers, Microsoft cloud services, Webs hosting and a 30 day money back guarantee.

AT&T Business Internet

•    AT&T High Speed Internet Pro – Speed: 3.0 Mbps

•    AT&T Speed Internet Elite – Speed 6.0Mbps

Charter Business Internet

•    Essentials20  – Speed: 20Mbps
•    Essentials30 – Speed : 30 Mbps
•    Pro50             – Speed: 50Mbps
•    Pro100             -Speed: 100mbps
•    All packages include storage per E-mail account, Desktop Security and 24/7 Dedicated Technical support

Verizon Business Internet

•    Starter     -Speed: 1Mbps
•    Quick   -Speed: 3MBps
•    Fastest –Speed: 10-15Mbps

Cox Business Internet

•    Starter         –Speed: 3.0Mbps x 1Mbps
•    Select         –Speed: 10Mbps x 2Mbps
•    Professional       -Speed: 15Mbps x 3Mbps
•    Premium    -Speed: 25Mbps x 4Mbps
•    Ultra        – Speed: 50Mbps x 5Mbps

Time Warner Business Internet

•    Cable connection speed from 1GB to 100GB

All of the Internet providers and services listed above offer reliable business internet connection and technical support an Internet dependent business need. Always remember in choosing an Internet service provider, to consider the package specs and pricing of each Internet service provider offers. Selecting the best Internet connection will have a huge impact on the improvement of your business.