Cable Internet

Cable Internet Service

Cable Internet is known as a form of broadband internet that uses cable television as its medium in order to connect to the internet. Cable Internet provides network edge connectivity from the internet service provider to the end user. Cable TV networks and telecommunications networks are two important forms of residential internet access.

Currently they are competing for dominance in fiber deployments, wireless and mobile networks. To have this kind of internet connection you just have to connect a cable modem to the same coaxial output as your television. At the other end of the connection is a type of cable modem termination system (CMTS) which can provide connectivity to anywhere between 4,000 and 15,000 subscribers within a 100 mile radius.

Cable Internet usually provides huge upstream and downstream bandwidth but will be limited if both are used by a great number of users at the same instant.

Cable Internet Providers

Cable Internet Providers are TV cable networks that offer cable internet in their service options. In order for you to have cable internet you must contact and inquire about their cable internet options. There are a wide range of cable internet providers that can provide quality cable internet service in your area. Some are:

Hardware and set-up

To have cable internet in your home or office you can simply call your cable operator and ask about their cable internet offers so that you can utilize their cable internet options. Broadband internet will need a cable modem in the home or office and a CMTS at a cable operator facility which is basically a cable television headend.

The two are connected by a coaxial cable. If you are having trouble setting it up yourself, you can always call the cable internet service provider and ask for a set-up service in your home or office for ease and convenience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cable Internet

Though cable internet can be the most convenient form of connecting to the internet, it also has its set-backs. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cable internet which can guide you in choosing which kind of internet connection is best suitable for your needs.


-    Having a cable internet connection requires no phone line so you can always be online without the hassle of dial up.
-    It’s much faster than regular broadband DSL, dial up or satellite so you can download huge files at the speed of light.
-    It supports online gaming, which are extremely data heavy and would require a lot of bandwidth. Cable internet provides optimum speed and service for a higher-quality video gaming experience.


-    Depending on how many people are online at the same time, you may experience slow internet connection due to the number of users using the connection at the same time.
-    It may be a bit expensive than other internet offers if you opt for a technician to set-up a internet connection in your home or office.