Cable TV

Cable TV – Fighting for Its Spot in the Industry

When cable first came out, the world was dazzled by the myriad of channels that could be transmitted to their very own televisions. International channels could be viewed even from the opposite end of the world. As subscribers grew, the service cheapened and more enjoyed television. The onslaught of satellite television has changed this picture, or has it?

As more and more subscribers switch to satellite television, what of the cable conglomerates in the industry? The answer – up the services, bundle packages, and top it off with affordable prices. The result – as satellite TV subscribers grew, so did cable TV.

Cable TV and Satellite TV Compared

While Satellite TV may seem to dominate Cable TV at first look, when these are compared beyond capabilities alone, cable television stands a chance of winning.

Price – Many will think that cable television is cheaper when in fact it is not. Satellite TV can cost a lot less compared to the variety of channels it can offer. While cable television can offer the same variety of channels, this usually requires the subscriber to pay additional fees.

Digital TV, DVR, and HDTV – Satellite television is not the only broadcast that can offer clear digital and HD channels as well as DVR that allows recordings of your favorite shows; cable television has adapted to that as well.

Commitment – Very few, if any, cable companies require a minimum subscription length unlike satellite companies.

Customer service – Satellite companies can operate with or without store-fronts. In fact, most customer service can be done online. Cable companies offer the advantage of store-front availability, enabling consumers to interact with friendly staff face to face.

Cable TV Providers in the Industry

The wonderful news that can be taken away from the tug-of-war that is satellite and cable TV is that most cable television service providers are the very ones that also provide satellite television broadcasting. This means that current subscribers won’t need to switch to another service provider; they can simply choose to upgrade.

Time Warner Cable – turns the usual TV to an enhanced point of entertainment. Subscribers can subscribe to its digital service that offers a DVR, On Demand features and many more that won’t let subscribers miss any of their most favorite shows.

Cox Cable – offers advanced TV features that can turn an otherwise ordinary TV viewing experience to an extraordinary one. It offers hundreds of channels, DVR services, HD channels, On Demand movies and programs and so much more.

WOW Cable – lets consumers choose the right package. It offers cable TV, digital TV, and Ultra TV packages. Whatever the package chosen, WOW ensures that consumers receive the most advanced technology, the best of channels, and the smartest features.

Charter Cable – promises consumers that they will never again have the same TV experience. Charter’s impressive features include 160+ HD channels, access to On Demand choices that number to 10,000 channels plus 150+ HD, mobile capabilities, and affordable bundles.

COMCAST CABLE – for as low as $29.99 per month, consumers can enjoy a wide variety of channels both on TV and online streaming. Other TV packages include the Digital Starter, Digital Preferred and Digital Premier. Each package offering 80+, 160+, and 200+ channels plus other wonderful features, respectively.

Other names in the big leagues in the industry of cable TV include Brighthouse cable, Insight cable, Verizon cable, AT&T cable, Cable One, and so much more. The bottom line similarity with all of these cable providers is their passion to make TV viewing a more pleasurable experience for all households in America.