Calls for high speed internet in rural parts of Wisconsin

Posted on February 21, 2013 by Reno

Governor Scott Walker has recently spoken out about the need for increased high speed internet access in rural parts of Wisconsin.

Concerns have been raised in the past over lack of high speed broadband in many rural parts of the United States, including Wisconsin, and Governor Scott Walker has recently spoken out about the need to ensure high speed internet is available in rural parts of Wisconsin where residents and businesses struggle to gain access to adequate broadband speeds for their needs.

He highlighted the fact that in many rural parts of Wisconsin, many people still did not have access to high speed internet, and in those areas where high speed internet was available, the number of providers to choose from was extremely limited, which meant that residents and businesses could not benefit from increased competition in the market.

Walker said that the situation was particularly worrying for businesses in these areas, stating: “In a global economy, that’s an imperative. Whether … it’s a start-up business, that literally someone starts out of their garage, it could be in almost any technology, any industry possible. If we want to compete globally, we’ve got to have any entrepreneur, any business operator in the state: We’ve got to work on ways to provide access to that.”

The state budget is due to be released next month, and Walker said that there would be a strong focus on broadband expansion in Wisconsin within the budget. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin broadband director Tithi Chattopodhyay said that it was often the size of the communities that put companies off from offering broadband services in rural areas.