New York invests more in high speed internet

Posted on March 10, 2013 by Jo

It has been reported that New York is investing millions of pounds in order to improve access to high speed internet in areas where access is an issue, such as rural areas and in some parts urban areas.

High speed internet is a facility that has become increasingly important to households and businesses all across the United States, including New York. Millions are being invested in various cities around the nation in a bid to bring or improve high speed broadband access for those who live and work in the various different areas.

New York has already invested millions into bringing high speed internet to more areas, particularly those where residents and businesses currently struggle to access adequate speeds. It has now been announced that a further $25 million is to be invested in a bid to improve and increase access to high speed services.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the fresh addition of $25 million added to money that has already been invested in improving high speed internet means that the total amount that will have been invested over the past couple of years will amount to $56 million. The money has been invested as part of the Connect NY Broadband Grant Program.

It is reported that around eighteen separate projects will benefit from the increased investment, with the creation of around six thousand square miles of new infrastructure stemming from the multimillion dollar investment. This will help to serve over 150,000 homes, around 8000 businesses, and hundreds of community areas. Private sector investment will also be used with the various projects.