Partnership could mean faster broadband for Seattle residents

Posted on December 15, 2012 by Susan

It has been announced that residents and businesses in Seattle could be set to enjoy ultra high speed internet next fall as the result of the city, a university and a broadband developer.

For residents and businesses in parts of Seattle, there could be good news on the horizon with regards to high speed internet access. It has been reported that many people and businesses in the area could be enjoying access to ultra high speed broadband by next fall as the result of a partnership between the city, a university and a broadband developer.

The partnership is between the city of Seattle, University of Washington and Washington, DC based broadband company Gigabit Squared. The network is to be called Gigabit Seattle and a demonstration will begin in a dozen neighbourhoods in Seattle, including Beacon Hill, Northgate, Columbia City and South Lake Union.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn spoke about the project and how it would boost the infrastructure in the area. He said: “This is a very promising proposal that can help bring 21st century infrastructure to Seattle. I’ve heard from residents and businesses that Seattle needs better broadband service, and this agreement lays the groundwork for building that network.”

A memorandum of agreement was signed by the three parties involved earlier in the week, which means that the broadband developer can now start raising funds for the project. Gigabit Squared said that it will be looking for create a pricing model that is competitive, although no firm details about pricing have yet been released.