Travellers more likely to choose hotels that offer free WiFi

Posted on January 30, 2013 by Michael

A recent study has indicated that most travelers would be more likely to choose a hotel for their vacation based on whether or not free high speed internet was available.


In the past, many people who have been booking hotels and accommodation for their vacation have based their choice on a variety of things, such as the views, comfort, board basis and price. However, a recent study has suggested that many travellers these days look upon the availability of free high speed internet in their rooms or suites as a major deciding factor when choosing a hotel for their stay.

Previously, the availability of this type of amenity would have been viewed more as a business facility and would have appealed to a niche market, namely business travellers. However, with so many people now using broadband and internet services these days, this has become a valuable facility for all sorts of travellers, from singles and couples on a relaxation break to families heading off on a family vacation equipped with a range of mobile devices.

More and more people these days are taking along devices such as smart phones, netbooks, and internet tablets when they go on vacation, and most do not want to have to pay to get online using their devices or have to head to specific public areas whenever they want to use them. For this reason, a large number of people will choose their hotel based on whether high speed internet or WiFi is included in their room as part of the package.

For many people, getting online whilst away is not just about entertainment and convenience but is also an efficient means of keeping in touch with family and friends at home via email or Skype, while for many younger people it has become a necessity in order to keep up with friends on social networking sites.