Optimum for Faster Internet Connections

Optimum offers High Speed Internet connections under the name, Optimum Online. A company under Cablevision, One of America’s largest cable providers, it seeks to offer business and residential solutions to subscribers all over the nation.


Blazing Speed with Optimum Online

With Optimum’s Internet packages, users can enjoy a maximum download speed as fast as 101Mbps. Downloading and uploading data, surfing the net, and playing online games can all be enjoyed at lightning speeds.

Choosing Optimum Online Internet

Out of the many internet service providers out there, why opt for Optimum? The reasons are simple:

High Speed Internet as fast as 101Mbps downstream and 15Mbps upstream. Surfing the internet will  never be the same again.

Variety of online features. Some of the features offered include five email addresses, accessibility to emails from any internet connection.

Security. Optimum internet service provider offers internet security tools that can make browsing a lot safer.

Optimum Online Express Link Technology. Able to deliver popular websites faster compared to others.

Customer Service. Optimum’s customer service is made available by phone, chat, online, or even onsite. Whatever the problem, Optimum’s support is quick to help.

Flexibility with Internet Plans

Download speeds of up to 15Mbps may not be for all. Optimum internet plans offer to give subscribers a choice of internet speed as well as budget choices that suit their needs and preferences. Optimum packages come in three choices namely Optimum WiFi, Optimum Online Boost, and Optimum Online Ultra.

Optimum Online Boost Plus – Package available for only $14.95 per month with speeds of up to 50Mpbs downstream and 8Mbps upstream.

Optimum Hotspots – High speed internet made available anywhere you go. Optimum WiFi can take users away from their computer yet still enjoy high speed internet access on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With over  70,000 hot spots in the Tri-State area, getting a signal will never be a problem. The service is available in malls and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, parks, sports fields, train stations and more.

Optimum Online Ultra – with download speeds of up to 101 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 15 Mbps. In one minute, users can enjoy 750 pictures, 150 songs, and 50,000 pages of information.

Optimum Deals All Users Can Enjoy

Optimum offers bundled packages that allows users to enjoy not only either one of their services but all at reasonable prices. These include The Optimum Triple Play1, The Ultimate Tripe Play2, and upgrades.

Optimum Voice – Calls Unlimited

Optimum Voice is Cablevision’s VoIP phone service of voice over Internet protocol. The service is only offered exclusively to Optimum Online Customers. With this service, subscribers can enjoy unlimited calls, local and long distance, to anywhere in the country including Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With over 20 calling features all available at no extra charge, subscribers can make the most out of the service.

Optimum offers are varied and cater to the rising demands of users in the United States for faster internet speeds, better TV packages, great phone offers and more. Optimum availability is not a problem any of the users encounter with its broad access throughout the contingent United States.