Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink is one of America’s top 10 Internet, Home Phone and cable service providers. With almost 1.5 million subscribers, this company aims to give quality services and deliver top notch product out into the open market.


Previously named Cebridge Connections, Suddenlink now has operations on about 20 states focusing on sub-urban communities. The company started in 2003 by buying the assets of one the country’s communications company, providing phone, internet and cable services in nearby communities and towns while also acquiring small cable companies in the process.

Suddenlink Services

Suddenlink Communications Company offers a lot of services that will suit your wants or needs. With High Speed Internet Bundles, telephone lines service and cable plans, this company sure is a one stop shop! Suddenlink offers Advanced Digital TV packages, Suddenlink high speed internet bundles, low rate Home Phone and a whole lot more.

To see what we get from these offers, check out these cool information regarding each offered service.

Different services offered


Suddenlink High Speed Internet plans are offered in different packages according to the needs of subscribers.

Suddenlink Internet prices do not go up when you have their free TV on any computer and they guarantee to provide faster Internet speed compared to DSL. What’s more is that Suddenlink Internet packages allows their new subscriber to pick a plan best suited for them or they can create their own bundle with TV, Home Phone and Home Security gathered in one package.


The company’s Advanced Digital TV proves to have more of those channels you like with more than ten thousand movies and events on demand, TV shows and Pay Per View programming already in one package.

The company offers great picture quality and awesome audio transmissions straight to your living room. Right now, Suddenlink offers 3 new products to choose from: TiVo for music, movies, TV and web in just one device, Suddenlink2GO for all day TV from virtually anywhere in the country and Suddenlink apps for TV and movies while on the go. Suddenlink cable has it all.


Where can you find unlimited local and international calls at one low rate only including all telephone features that you have come to love all these years but with Suddenlink? Saving with Suddenlink deals could not be easier than this.To top it all off, Suddenlink allows you to keep you current telephone number and device as well.

Home Security

Suddenlink Home Security systems have been proven effective with more than 30 years of experience and trust. The state of the art systems are used with 24/7 monitoring service made Suddenlink’s Home Security to be one of the listed companies in the CSAA Diamond Certification. Truly, their service will give you sense of security and peace of mind.

Choosing the best service from Suddenlink

There is no question why Suddenlink is one for the top companies in the US. Subscribers are guaranteed high quality service on all Suddenlink deals. In choosing the best offer from this company, an individual or group must know what to get and expect. For Internet, TV and Home Phone subscribers should point out their wants in choosing a service to subscribe and prefer the offers that fits their needs to save both time and money.