XFINITY® from Comcast  – A Leader in Triple Play Bundles

XFINITY is one of the leading providers in the TV, Internet and Home Phone services. It delivers innovations that make the consumers’ lives much better. With HD channels and movies, High Speed Internet connection and Ultimate Phone performance; one would clearly enjoy having XFINITY at home.


The XFINITY TV is one of the prime providers of HD TV throughout the country while XFINITY Internet is also on the move to becoming one of the fastest Internet providers. The XFINITY Voice also provides smooth and reliable voice services powered by a fiber-optic network which takes the simple home phone to amazing new heights.


With XFINITY TV customers will be endowed with amazing HD channels never experienced before. It offers the best TV and movie quality available on TV, Online and On Demand. Customers will have more choices and view more HD channels than any other provider; offering a wide range of thousands of On Demand CHOICES and a hundred HD channels for viewing. This has to be one of the largest On Demand libraries. That is the power of XFINITY On Demand.

XFINITY®  Internet

XFINITY is the fastest Internet provider in the nation according to PC Mag, with speeds up to 105 Mbps. This allows you to upload, download, play, connect and communicate to any part of the globe in a smoother way. That’s what customers can expect from a network powered by fiber-optic technologies. The service also gives you Constant Guard® the most comprehensive online protection for no additional cost. XFINITY Internet also gives access to that enables viewing of more than 3,500 live sports events online. In addition rebates on other services like KidZui is also offered. XFINITY offers not only quality internet but also give top-notch customer support. That’s a great thing one should take into consideration while choosing an internet service provider.


XFINITY Voice offers superb communication capabilities. By utilizing the latest communication technologies customers can have it all by using XFINITY deals the service offers. XFINITY Voice is a great plus in the service which allows users to enjoy 12 popular calling features. These certain features will take the phone experience to a whole new level.  XFINITY also offers unlimited local and nationwide calling, and super low rates for international calls on certain plans.

XFINITY® Bundles

XFINITY TV offers up to 270 digital channels, thousands of shows on Demand and Pay per View Programming. XFINITY Internet also provides lightning speed internet connection and XFINITY Voice includes unlimited local calls and very low long distance rates. To make things even more awesome, XFINITY is also available in bundled packages. This offers all of the services in one amazing package that includes Internet, TV and Voice.