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Satellite TV

Satellite Television

Satellite TV is one of the fastest growing forms of media communications today. Its way of linking one household to a myriad of channels around the globe is via a satellite dish. Satellite tuners are connected to televisions or can be attached to a personal computer via USB or card in order for the channels to be visualized.

Areas which are not terrestrially serviced by cables or TV networks can be reached through satellite TV. Direct broadcast satellite TV can come to the general public in two popular ways – analog and digital. The latter, however, is gaining more popularity because of its capability to offer better quality TV viewing in the form of high-definition television. There are different types of satellite TV providers; two of the most popular are DIRECTV and DISH.

DIRECTV Satellite

DIRECTV, also branded as DIRECT TV, is one of America’s leading digital broadcast satellite service provider with an astonishing number of 19.89 million subscribers. DIRECTV offers viewers a wide array of channels to choose from English packages, Spanish packages, bundled packages as well as International packages. Some of these include:

The Entertainment Package – the most basic television package offered by DIRECTV network. This package is composed of popular entertainment, sports, and news channels. Subscribers can gain access to over 140 channels for a minimal fee.

The Choice Package – a package offered for those that want to stay tuned to the best channels made available through this network.

The Choice Xtra Package – currently the best-selling DIRECTV satellite package offering more than 210 channels for a fee as low as $39.99.

The Choice Ultimate Package – a package similar to the channels offered in Choice XTRA plus 11 more movie channels.

The Premier Package – this is DIRECTV’s best television package. For a rate of $89.99 monthly, viewers have access to more than 285 digital channels.

There are many DIRECT TV packages to choose from but whatever the package chosen, the satellite DIREC TV provider offers its millions of subscribers access to a thousand selections of On Demand movies and shows at no extra charge. DIRECTV also offers bundled packages that provide the top favored shows on the Internet and phone services.

Best Satellite TV

Among the many satellite TV providers offering HD channels in the United States and all over the world, DIRECTV and DISH tops them all. These two break the mold that many television viewers have gotten used to throughout the years. Control is now given in the hands of the subscriber through hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, remote, TV Anywhere technology, international programming, access to live games in just one remote and more!

Satellite television has really grown from what used to be a bulky parabolic reflector that many households cannot afford, is now a common accessory found in every home. The bundles offered by both service providers, widen their coverage even more, enabling TV coverage whatever place and time.